Kings Park - WA

Perh city from kings park ant carrying dead scorpion cool design dr seuss tree dr seuss tree 2 driving in perth kangaroo paw keith and steph
keith on trail keith under tree keith walking up by nice tree kings park kings park 2 kookaburra kookaburra 2 kookaburra closer
kookaburra closest of wild bird in kings park kookaburra in tree kp lovely tree lovely vista lovely vista 2 lovely vista 3 lovely vista 4
lovely vista 5 nice city panorama perh from the car perth city view 2 steph and city steph and city 2 steph on treetop bridge the lake 3
the lake again the lake by us the swan river tiger snake in grass sign top of kings park treetop bridge in kings park view at KP view from kings park
view from kings park 2 view from treetop bridge war memorial war memorial and eternal flame war memorial and whisper wall where the swan and canning rivers meet    

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